Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Things Come to Those That Wait

Every couple has horror stories of life when they first where married.

Ours was the refrigerator.

We didn't have alot of money when we got married so we bought only the essentials for the kitchen. Dishes, utensils, stove, sink...etc. We borrowed a small fridge from Paul's brother in law thinking we would have a full size one fairly soon. Little did we know that this tiny "cold air box" would be with us for over a year. It was a big trial to say the least. The "freezer" was big enough to fit one bag of frozen veggies, maybe two if I really stuffed it in. We tried to put a quart of ice cream in there and it melted to a discusting liquid. Packing that barely 2ft x 2ft refrigerator was definatley an art. Sometimes there would be too much stuff and the door wouldn't shut. One time I actually wrapped wire around the whole box to keep in closed.

Yep, good times! Below is a picture of our faithful friend for over 365 days.

I am happy to say that we now have a full sized refrigerator. Our friends were moving and needed to get rid of it and we were overjoyed to take it. We now have more room then we need and its wonderful to have seperate areas for milk, veggies, butter....etc.

Ah, marriage bliss!