Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Addie's 1st Birthday

It dawned cloudy and rainy. Not the perfect birthday weather. But we were all stoked about making it a day that Addie looks backs on and smiles.

We started it off with "girl time" at the coffee shop. We had a great time discussing the day. I had this cute older lady take our picture. We had to laugh when she asked if the camera needed to be wound up. :)

Here are all the Roger girls minus Mom Rogers. We were so bummed she and Dad couldn't make it.
After a quick run to Walmart we headed back to the house. We had a couple hours to whip together a meal. The menu was Stuffed Shells, Meatballs, and Cole Slaw. Everyone helped and we had a good time.

Dayna made this adorable little doll cake. It was the cake that Addie would eat into. She also made a "ONE" cake with a candle on the top. So cute!

The girls did a wonderful job decorating. This first picture is the poster that Sarah and Mom Rogers drew. It was beautiful!!

Sarah made this beautiful hat for Addie. Unfortunately she didn't like to wear it.

Anna made these cards for everyone to write a note to little Addie. She is going to put them in her baby book. Such a cute idea!

The following pictures I took of the radiant faces around. Except the ones with me in it!! Caleb took those!

I didn't get any pictures of Addie with her cake. Look to Caleb for that. But here are some of her and the gifts. You can tell by her eyes that she loves them! This first one is the chair that Mom Rogers painted and dressed up.

Anna made this little rag doll for her. :)

I'll end with an adorable shot of the birthday girl. Happy Birthday Addie! I am excited for what the Lord has for you in the future. :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sarah Rogers

Yesterday Caleb and I decided to take some pictures. We dressed his sister Sarah up and headed outside.

I loved this shoot for two reasons.

-One...the country settings was perfect. Something about the dirt road, the fields and the trees made it wonderful to shoot pictures. I really enjoyed it.

-Two...I found out that I really like second-shooting someone. I was super relaxed and was able to get all sorts of angles while Sarah was paying attention to Caleb. It was awesome!

But without further adieu here are the promised pictures. Feel free to criticize, comment, or anything else you have in mind. :) Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snapshot Memory: Olive Garden 09'

Paul and I were sitting in Olive Garden. We were still dating and he wanted to go out for a nice evening at a good restaurant. While waiting for our meal we dined on some bread and sampled wine.

I took this picture with a point and shoot. And Paul edited it.

Happy Thursday evening.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Colors of Spring

Spring is here in Arlington, TX.

And I am loving it. :) I am soaking in all this sun!!

Armed with my i-pod and camera I headed to the local park. I spent over an hour just walking around shooting whatever I saw.

Here we go:

This one was taken through a fence.

These last two pictures are of the flowers Paul got me last night. :) They are beautiful!!