Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fourteenth Month Surprise

On Thursday it will be fourteen months since Paul and I said "I do". Time flies. Its been a wonderful journey through our ups and downs. We thank God for a wonderful year and pray we have many more together.

Today I was working on my computer when Fed-Ex pulls in our driveway. I hadn't ordered anything so I knew it was for Paul. He always had packages from clients. So I was very surprised when he came and dropped the box in my lap. "For you!! he said with a big smile. On the outside of the box a little note was written:

By this time I was super curious and opened the box. Inside was a little bag of M&Ms. But when I looked closer to my surprise they were personalized to me!!! Little sayings like " I love U, Paul-E", "14 months", and " Can Hug Me?" were written on the candies. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! :)

Along with the chocolates came this coffee mug. I loved it because the face on it reminded me of Paul. :) So cute!

This message was inside the box from Paul to me:

It was such a wonderful surprise and reminds me of what a sweet loving husband I have. I love you Paul! :) Happy Fourteen Months!

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Mama said...

That was really nice of him!