Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paul's Birthday Blog

Today, twenty-five years ago, Paul Daniel Rogers was born. Here are some facts about him:

Was born and grew up in Kansas City, Missouri
Wants to live by the ocean
He has five brothers and six sisters.
Has a red beard with brown hair
Worked at Starbucks
Lived in Santa Barbara, CA
Bites his nails
He is the third oldest in a family of twelve children.
Owned a dirt bike
Married a girl from New York
Loves Buckle jeans
Runs his own production company

Is an excellent husband

I love you Paul....Happy Birthday!!

Here are some of my all time favorite pictures of my husband....


Dayna said...

wow paul that old black and white could be mistaken for isaac! At least Isaac can be reassured that he has no worries in the rugged good looks area..right mary!

Kim Ryden said...

That's what I thought too Dayna!

Kathy R said...

Happy Birthday Paul! Can't believe you're 25....wow!