Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snapshot Memories

I absolutely LOVE this shot of Tommy(L) and Ben(R) captures the innocence of childhood and how utterly happy they were.

I guess James and I were pretty much best many pictures of him and I together!

Johnny and Papa...(with a little drool...nice john)

Picture of Papa back in the day...title on the back of this picture was "Grizzly Adams".

A great family picture back in the day. Probably for Easter.
Back row: L-R Tommy, Joey, Ben.
Front row: James, me


Mop said...

This is AMAZING! Love them all. It was so long ago, but seems just yesterday. In the "Grizzly" picture we were probably married as long as you are now. Jimmy is SO funny in the last one!

James Segreti said...

Hhahahaha! Mary did you see my blue shoelaces in the picture of the two of us?? And what is going on in the last picture? It's like everyone else is looking where they were told to and I'm like(we're getting ICE CREAM?!?!?)Good times.