Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Snapshot Memories

Celebrating Tommy's 5th birthday. Joey is to the left, then Tommy, and Ben.
Papa is holding James....what a face! :)

John and Andrew. This was taken at the bus company Papa use
to drive for...hence the bus seat.

My dear Papa...a few years ago.

James and I...with Joey and Tommy behind the door. Judging by the hat on the piano it looks like Mr Maxwell our piano teacher was there. Check out that awesome bowl cut on me! James...remember that shirt?! You always wore it!

Tommy with Andrew


James said...

That was my favorite shirt!

Mama said...

Remember those old cups...WHAT possessed me to get them?! Andrew is awesome in the last! And you wore those bib shorts like once in your life! :P The old piano!

Micah said...

I LOVE all of these blogs!!! I won't read for a week or two, then I come back and sit for 30 minutes going through all the ones I missed :-). That photo of you and James is priceless. What was on his shirt?

p.s., Keep it up please