Friday, May 18, 2012

England, UK

We made it to England!!

We left John F Kennedy Airport in NYC on Wednesday evening. Our flight was about 5 hours long to Iceland. We landed at about 6:30am local time. From there we had a 2.5 hour flight over to London so we arrived there at 11:30am.  Took the train from Heathrow Airport to the center of London. Walked through the Royal Park and saw Buckingham Palace. It was quite expensive to stay in the city so we headed down to Portsmouth by bus. We are staying with some friends from a church here. 

Here are some pictures of the trip so far.

This is all our luggage!

Ready to go...

Layover in Iceland

Buckingham Palace in London...

A new friend we made in London!

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Mama said...

Really nice! Good photos!