Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Volos to Athens

I am writing this from a little cafe in Athens. 
After a pretty eventful train ride from Volos we arrived here at 6:00am. 

Here we are crossing the "worst bridge ever" for the last time in Volos.

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Marianna and the newest crew member, Ben, walked us to the train station last night.

Trying to sleep on the train at midnight

We were only traveling for an hour before we came to an abrupt halt after hitting a car on the tracks at full speed. No one was hurt but the car was totaled. :)

We all got out and walked down the tracks to another train that took us to the station.

Our second train to Athens was packed full and after searching through 8 cars for a seat we just stood in the hallway not looking forward to the next three hour ride. The conductor passed by not long after and told us to follow him and he let us stay in the children's playroom. 
We were so happy to have a place to lay down and managed to sleep for a few hours.

Finally in Athens!

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