Thursday, July 1, 2010

Polarized Lenses and Such

We recently purchased a polarized lens for my camera. If you don't know what that is let me share a little about it. Here is the definition straight from Wikipedia:

"A polarizing filter, used both in color and black and white photography, filters out light polarized perpendicularly to the axis of the filter. This has three applications in photography: it reduces reflections from some surfaces, it can darken the sky and it saturates the image more by eliminating unwanted reflections."

I found these pictures on the internet to show you the difference.

So as you can see it defines the picture so much more and gives it a richer look. My brother Joe encouraged me to get a polarized lens and play around with it. He has used it for many pictures including this one.

So last evening I headed out with my 55-250mm lens and the polarized cap. The sun was setting and I was sure to get some good light.

Here is the picture I took with the lens. Its not the best example but its a start! It reduced the glare and reflection of the sun while darkening the sky.

Here is another example of the lens bringing out a clear defined picture.

The next series of pictures are just fun shots of Paul showing off his talents. :)

Paul grabbed this one of a little gypsy girl walking down the road. ;)

Happy 1st of July!

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Mop said...

Mary!! This is amazing...the difference in the photos with the new lens. It is so much better quality. The sunset is great, and the fencepost. I really learned something!