Friday, July 23, 2010

Rag Top Mountain

Last week Paul and I hiked Rag Top Mountain. Its located over the Virginia mountains west of my parents house. The trail was an 8 1/2 mile loop with some strenuous rock scrambling. We enjoyed the challenge and spent a good 4-5 hours going up and down the mountain.

Here is the outline of the hike.

Starting up the trail.

We stopped on this HUGE rock for a snack.

We thought we had reached the summit here but we still had about another hour of rock scrambling. Awesome view all the way though!

This one place was pretty cool with rocks on all sides.

Showing off our strength! :)

Finally reached the summit! We had another 4.5 miles to hike back to the parking lot!

The summit was amazing! What a view! Paul wanted a closer look but he couldn't get me out there. No way!

We saw these beautiful butterflies on the way back down. The flowers they were on gave such a nice contrast in the pictures.

Happy Monday!


Shannon Morse said...

That last picture of Paul looking out from the summit is AMAZING!! And the butterfly pictures are beautiful! Love how the pink really "pops"!

Joe said...

I think your brother Joe needs to get credit for finding said trail online. His only mistake was letting you in on his plans to hike it next time he was in Virginia!

Joe said...

Matter of fact, the first line should probably read: "My amazing and awesome brother Joe told us about a great trail he was planning on hiking next time he was in VA and graciously agreed to let us climb it first!"

...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Amazing pictures!

Anonymous said...

Mary! i love this post! I love the picture of paul looking out over the summit. Awesome shorts too! they look very familiar.. :)
mary r (bmr)