Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bad Management, Good Management

We are in Kansas City. Paul is speaking at a workshop for photographers this weekend. We are staying with his brother Luke and his wife Dayna. They are expecting a little boy in about 4 weeks. We are all super excited. This is their first baby and they are SO ready to meet the tiny little man!

We stay with L & D quite often when we are down in the city. Its become a home away from home. We always have great times playing Scrabble, cards, and making amazing food. Luke is a manager at a local store so we always joke about the "management" of the place. Our air mattress deflated one time and I got pneumonia while at their house. Of course we blamed it on the "bad management". Its all good natured fun and we have a great time with it.

This morning we had quite the management problems. At about 5am we were awakened to the sound of a phone alarm. It went on and on and on. After a few minutes Paul raced downstairs and shut off the phone. As we drifted off to sleep we were jolted back to consciousness by loud screams and cries. Our first thought was labor but then we could distinguish Dayna yelling something about her legs. Poor thing had cramps and spasms in both legs. Luke helped her stand up and rubbed her legs until the cramps subsided. Exhausted we all fell back asleep only to be awoken by a second phone alarm. BAD MANAGEMENT!!

Dayna had a doctor appointment this afternoon and upon their return gave us a huge strawberry limeade from Sonic.
Good Management restored. :)

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