Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seseme Chicken..sort of..

Last week I received a cookbook in the mail from my mother. It was a how-to-cook chinese cookbook. In fact it promised better chinese then take out! I had to try it.

Well I decided to make the "Seseme Chicken" recipe the other evening. Well, luck would have it that I didn't have the book with me...we had left it in a backpack at Paul's sister house. So I called my 1-800-help number (aka "mama") and she gave me the recipe which I quickly copied down on a piece of paper.

The end result was pretty good. I served it over rice. Paul liked it but I wasn't so sure that it was "better then take out". I may need to try it again.

I took some pictures during the process:


Photographer's Reel said...

It was amazing!

Mary R said...

looks rather appetizing!!! and I'm rather jealous!