Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Colorado and My dear Husband

In Colorado for a week or so.....taking many pictures. I am unable to upload this week but I'll post a blog series when I return home.

Paul is back in Missouri holding down the fort. I miss him every day....more and more. I figured out that I love traveling with my husband. I love sharing life experiences with him. I don't care if you think me old fashioned or weird....I married my husband to share my life with him. And I miss it when we are not together. Period. I love you Paul.

Till next week.......


sqbrowning said...

Yea for you Mary. If more young people felt like you and Paul, we wouldn't have all the divorces we have today. My prayer is that we would all be "old fashioned". Love you.

Photographer's Reel said...

Being home unaccompanied, in the middle of Missouri, with out one’s better half, can drive a man insane I think. I feel like I'm stranded on an island with no hope of seeing a human. You start to talk to yourself, make strange faces in the mirror and sing out loud just to keep your sanity... and it's a good thing no one is around because they my think me a bit eccentric:)

I’m in much agreement with my wife in that I would rather have her around than away. I didn’t get married with the hopes that we could experience the world apart. No, I got married to see the world with her and experience life with one of the most wonderful souls God ever created. I think what made me miss her most was the wonderful time we had days before she left. Her gentle and caring spirit filled my heart with joy and I more realized that God has blessed me with the most wonderful wife.

Having said this all of that I’m really glad that Mary got to go out to CO with all the girls. I think maybe missing someone is a good thing every once in a while.

Love you lots Mary, God willing I’ll see you in a few days.

Your Paul-E