Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snapshot Memories

Another addition to the memory snapshots of Segreti history

Us at Cap Cod....

Papa holding Mikey
(L-R) Ben, Joey, Tommy
Me, James

Fishing...Kenneth Williams State Park, NY
James and I...with Mama

Mama :)

Looks like its Jimmy's birthday....
Joey is behind him, Tom to the right and Ben to the left



Tom S. said...

The first picture is at Cape Cod actually.

The second picture is at Kenneth Wilson State Park I believe; I don't think there are mountains like that in Germantown :-)

James Segreti said...

Mikey still makes that same face.

Mop said... still make the same face as your pic also James! Nice ones, Mary! You are SO CUTE in that picture. I was about 16 in that picture.