Friday, December 9, 2011

Picture of the Day: First Snow

It snowed for the first time last evening.

I really do love snow. When it falls light, but steady, is my favorite. Reminds me of so many good memories as a child. I would go walking outside at night, all alone, feeling the flakes on my face and watching the snow drift out of the sky. Everything was so quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. I remember looking in the windows of our house and seeing the Christmas tree lit up and all my family inside. I loved moments like that.

And I wish for them back.

Have a great weekend.


mama said...

Beautiful Memories

sqbrowning said...

I can just see you walking and a snowflake on the tip of your nose. You should seriously write books. You have the ability to make me see in my minds eye what ever you write. Talent, pure talent.