Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sail-away #3

We started out the third sail-away with a new crew member. Jonny is from England and will be here for the next two trips. He is a great guy and always makes us laugh. 

This group was from all over....America, Sweden, Holland, Switzerland and Germany. They all learned really quickly and the first day sailing went very well. Ten days flew by and here we are awaiting a new group on Monday.

The following pictures are mostly ones I gathered from the group. Thanks to all who contributed!

These are the string of island we sail....

The new crew member....Jonny

One of the highlights of the trip...we saw Prince Charles' boat as he vacationed in Greece.

One of the guys brought a kite and flew it as we motored along.

A great sunset picture

Paul weighing anchor

Paul tying a stern line....

....and climbing


Dropping the anchor

Wild goats on the cliffs

Mariana's wonderful food!

Its a hard life....

Everyone at dinner the last evening.

A cake we made for Hannahbeth's birthday...

Look for another update in two weeks! 

Have a great day!  :)

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Micah S. said...

Awesome! Love and miss you sis