Friday, August 10, 2012

Sail-away #4

Once again we are back in the harbor of Skopelos. This group was made up of six Germans, one Austrian, and a Swede. The popular language was German so Paul and I doubled our vocabulary by learning two new words! :) 

The wind was off and on this week so we didn't sail too much. Spent alot of time swimming, snorkeling and pretty much trying to escape the August heat. 

I gathered over 1000 pictures from the group before they left and wish I could post them all. Here are some good ones that sum up the trip. Thanks everyone! :)

The "guys"! 

Our route.....

A peaceful cove

Mariana preparing something amazing for dinner!

Paul looking studly

A couple of the group went parasailing... 


...and moonlight over the water

Jonny tying the stern line....

Paul tying the stern line....

Getting ready to tie the stern line onto an old ship....

One more payment and its mine!!!

Paul jumping in to explore a cave


The flushing here....just pump it out.

We had a brief visit from a rat. He got thirsty and jumped into the cooler with water.
 Poor guy!

A fellow boat out for a good sail

Another beautiful sunset

This is where we are now....just chilling in the harbor. 
Our boat is the biggest with the red sail covers.

Thanks for reading......have a great week! :)


James said...

Awesome Mary!

Mary Rose said...

Your HOT Mary:) Love you lots!!!


Photographer's Reel said...

Happy Anniversary Mary!!! Just got a chance to check out you blog! I love you more than ever!!!