Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sail-away #5

Wow...we are finished with group five already! This group was made of one American, a Canadian, two Austrian, and five Germans. Its really cool getting to know people from all over the world. Maybe one day we will do a huge road trip and visit them all! :)

Enjoy the pictures from Sail-away #5

Here is the whole gang....

Sunset on the eastern most island

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary on the 15th...can't believe its been so long already!

A typical day on the boat....


A star fish

An old Greek watch tower...

Hiking up to the watch tower...

Made it!!

The boat from the watch tower

The crew "climbing"

A cave at the base of the tower....

A creeper picture that Jonny took of Paul... :)

Sunrise outside of Volos, Greece.

We set out on our last Sail-away tomorrow(Monday). Lord willing we leave Greece on the 19th of September and head back to the States. Look for an update in two weeks.

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