Thursday, February 18, 2010

Downtown Pictures

Today was really nice. Not too cold and the spring birds were singing this morning. A beautiful day in Kansas City.

While washing the lunch dishes I contemplated a nap. No, the weather demanded more then that. So I grabbed my camera and shoot sack, drove to my in-laws house, picked up Rachel and headed to down-town Lee Summit.

Down-town is a broad array of little brick shops with an Amtrack station right in the middle of it. Colorful and cute its the perfect place to take random photos. We parked the car and headed out on foot. We passed a cigar shop and I had to take a picture.
We kept walking and I took a picture of the beautiful brick. It was everywhere and I loved it!
We stepped into a little shop to warm up and I grabbed these shots....

The guy in the shop told us about a door right outside that everyone took pictures in front of. Of course we had to check it out!

Heading over to the train station I took a picture of Rachel under the depot sign. :)
As we reached the station we heard an engine whistle!! Perfect timing!

On the way back to the car we found some cool wall and I shot Rachel's legs and feet.

Fun time with a great sister. :) Thanks for reading!

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Mop said...

Great Mary! Especially like the shots of the train station bench, the wine bottles and the plaque. Good perspective and angles. Love the door and Rachel's shoes(where'd she GET them!).