Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

The day of hearts, red roses, chocolate, and teddy bears. The day when sweethearts show their LOVE!

Paul made me open my gift first. He had me close my eyes while he "set it up". I didn't know what to expect! He said it was ready and I peeped at the gift. Below is a picture of what I saw.


I was super excited! I loved the pair that Paul owned and wore them all the time. He had noticed and bought me some. I think he also wanted his Sanuks back! hehe :)

Now it was Paul's turn. I was so stoked to see what he thought of his gifts!

The first was a decal map for the wall. He had really wanted one for his office so I decided on this black silhouette of the world. He loved it!

The second gift I gave Paul was a pottery coffee mug. He had mentioned many times before that he liked unique mugs that were random colors. So I did my best after searching through hundreds of mugs to pick one. He liked it!

Finishing with a card! :)

That evening Luke and Dayna(Paul's brother and his wife) had us for a romantic supper. Just us four.

The boys made dinner while Dayna did our hair. The table was arranged beautifully and Dayna did an amazing job with our hair!

Here are a few shots of during our dinner.

After dinner I played around with camera taking pictures of the rose that Luke gave Dayna. I love detail shots!
These ones include our rings.

Finished up the evening with a Match Mate game.....its fun what you think you know and what you learn about the other person! :)
I love my Valentine. :) Looking forward to many more wonderful years together!!

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Photographer's Reel said...

Love the pics Mary, they turned out really nice!!!

Good times... much more to be had.

Your Boyfriend,(and Husband:)
Paul Rogers