Thursday, January 5, 2012

Segreti Christmas 2011 (Part 1)

Another Christmas in the history of the Segreti family. It had been two years since I attended one...I really missed it.

There is nothing quite like family on a holiday. Games, laughter, conversation, inside age-old jokes, and of course the twenty-people-in-the-same-house frustration and annoyance. It all comes together in a neat package you wouldn't trade for any other.

The last afternoon we all got together in the brand "great room" and went around and shared anything on our hearts. It could be anything you wanted to say....a verse, a thought, an idea that you wanted to hear input on. This was a really special time to me. All my family, all the people I love the most in the world, in the same place at the same time. It was a precious hour and half.

Times like that makes the 1,000 miles you drove, the cramped sleeping quarters, the cold that always goes around whenever we are together, the scratches on the brand new TV, the line for the bathroom, and the endless amount of dishes all worth it. Family is worth it.

God blessed me with an amazing family.
Merry Christmas!

James looking quite like a model...

Our traditional Stollen recipe...

My sweet niece Abigail


Piper Segreti

"Don't sing my song!"

The older kids bought a new TV for the family. We gave it the day before Christmas so we could start enjoying it early!

Everyone in awe of the new electronic

Still in awe....

Mama with her favorite son-in-law


Best there is!


Joey studying....

Abigail eating an apple she stole from the bag. She promptly threw it up all over the floor!

Gingerbread cookies...mmmmm!

Joey loved helping Aunt Micah with the cookies...

This was Papa's position most of the time. Dish washing is a full time job at our house.

To be continued....


sqbrowning said...

Mary you take amazing photos. Thank you so much for sharing

Mop said...

Awesome, Mary! Thanks for the photo journal of Segreti Christmas 2011! Love you lots!

mfsegreti said...

Great post! You did a fantastic job of summarizing a wonderful Christmas visit. I miss everyone already, particularly that hot guy in the blue shirt..! As always, thanks for sharing. p.s., you're a great writer!

mfsegreti said...

blue shirt... I just realized James' pic was b&w, I'm so dumb. I saw it was his "towards glory" shirt and registered it as blue because I know it so well!