Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tommy's Birthday (and my 300th Blog post)

#1. Happy Birthday to my brother Thomas John!

As far as older brothers go, he is one of my favorites (along with the three others). Tommy is one of those types of people we are all jealous of and only wish we could be: a natural at everything. He navigates his way around numerous musical instruments including the piano, guitar, violin and mandolin. I am pretty sure anything that he puts his mind to, gets done. He is an avid sports player, mostly soccer, but he has been know to run, bike, snowboard and play volleyball.

There are a couple memories of Tommy and me that I like to remember:

-The time he taught me piano. Or tried. I guess I am really thick headed because the lessons only lasted a month or so. But it was really fun. He is a good patient teacher.

-The time I flew out to Colorado to meet him and we drove across the country to Virginia. His car was standard and I "thought" I could drive it but distinctly remember him yelling "CLUTCH! CLUTCH!" as we are practically stalling at a stop sign.

-And then the time he took me to actually learn to drive stick. Nothing disastrous happened. I just drove around some empty parking lots with Tommy giving me instructions. It was a good time, and although I didn't get the hang of it till a couple years later, I will
always credit the first steps to him.

So here is to a wonderful brother, who I have always admired over the years.


#2. Today is my 300th blog post!


Tom said...

Thanks Mary! If you speed read the blog title and just look at the pictures you might get the idea that it's my 300th birthday...just about right at 30. Love you!

Mop said...

Lol @ Tom! Wasn't that Colorado trip also the one in which you met the Rogers' family, including Paul?? And to Tom's credit(I think) you were the first in the Fam to take your road test with a standard! Really nice post!