Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Blow-up Tent"

When I was a kid we had this game. I don't know if we came up with it......all I remember is that we always played it as far back as my memory goes. And it was fun. :)

Using clothespins we would attach bed sheets end to end. Three to four sheets in a long row. After securing the edges with our ancient wooden block set we placed a fan on each end of the row of sheets. Turning the fans on HIGH we watched as the sheets ballooned upward into a perfect tent tunnel. We would spend hours crawling in and out. Snack, nap, read, sleep.....you name it. We loved that game. I miss it.

This morning the kids needed something to do. Well, mainly Joey. He was dashing around the house driving his poor sick mother crazy. Matthew was fine. He calmly sat in his walker eying the activity around him and broke into a big smile when I looked at him.

I decided a blow-up tent would be a perfect solution. Joey excitedly helped me gather
everything we needed. Two sheets, a handful of clothespins, all sorts of weights, and a fan.....we were ready.

I turned the fan on and up came the tent.

Joey jumped in there right away. He couldn't resist!

I took Matthew in. He didn't like it at first but then he looked around and was like "hey...this is pretty awesome!" and crawled all over.

I got this shot of both boys. They paused long enough for me to take a picture. I hope they grow up loving this game as I did. :)

The lighting in the pictures is not the best.....again...inexperience with the camera. Don't hate.


Stacy Uhl said...

I forgot about those memories as a kid. We did that all the time growing up...miss the good ol days!

Mop said...

MARY!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! So nice to see "old family traditions" being passed down...LOL :)