Sunday, March 14, 2010

Corpus Christi, Texas

It was Paul's first time seeing the Gulf.

Both of us had never been to south Texas before.

Just as we got to the beach a fog rolled in and the temperature dropped ten degrees. We drove right out near the water. Here is our first view:

Joey and Matthew were thrilled about getting out of the truck. After sitting for 4-5 hours they were ready to go!

Joey loved the sand.

Matthew wasn't too sure about this stuff :)

We found this awesome log on the beach and I had to take some pictures of Joey on it. I really like the one with his parents in the background.

Mama and Matt joined him on the log and I got these shots:

LOVE these ones of Matthew. He is adorable!

And one more of Joey. So sweet. :)


Mop said...

My favs are the "not sure" one with M.Gentry, and the B&W one of Bonnie and her boys. Nice expressions. Wisht we could have been there!

sqbrowning said...

The entire album is great. Matthew's smile is infectious. Great shot of Joey on log with parents in back ground.