Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grapevine Lake, TX

Yes, we are traveling again! :) This time Paul and I are in Texas. We are visiting my brother Joe and his wife Bonnie. They have two adorable children.....Joey and Matthew. We plan to hang out with them during the month of March, take a quick trip back home, and then proceed to Big Bend National Park for a week of camping and hiking. Be sure to check my blog for coverage. It promising to be an awesome time! :)

It was a fine Saturday this past weekend. We decided to get out and enjoy the weather. Packing up the kids we headed to Grapevine, TX for some hiking around the lake.

Before we started out I took a few quick pictures. The first one is Paul sitting with Matthew enjoying the view of the lake.
Paul then had me take a shot of him "climbing the cliff". Of course the rocks gave way and it resulted in a soaked sneaker and pant leg. Nice Paul.
After a quick nap and diaper change we were on our way. I snapped a few shots.

I really liked the trees at this lake. They had very different shapes to them and I loved the contrast of the sky with the dark outline of the tree limbs.

We discovered this HUGE cactus plant along the path. I had Joey stand near it for comparison.
Little Matthew rode in a backpack the whole time and apparently loved it! Here are a couple of his usual poses.....

We passed through a nice wooded area. The green reminded us that spring is right around the corner!

Paul shows off his skills....
We reached a look-out point and Joe snapped this picture of a sailboat:
I got a few more pictures of the boats. They were having some kind of race.

Joey sat down and thought throwing rocks would be great fun! :) Here is a cute sequence.....

Before we headed back to the truck I got some family shots.

Joe got a couple of Paul and I......

It was a good day. We ended it with a couple pizzas from Pizza Hut. I didn't get a picture. They were gone too fast. :)

Thanks for reading!!


sqbrowning said...

Mary, can I just say how much I love you for posting this. It is so wonderful to keep up with yours and Paul's adventure's, and what a wonderful bonus to have Joe, Bonnie and the kids. Icing on the cake. Thank you so much for the pic's

Mop said...

Really nice trip photos Mary! Sharon is right, it was nice to see Joe & Bonnie with the boys. AND you and Paul of course. M.Gentry and Joey were picture perfect!