Friday, March 5, 2010

Date with Mr Rogers

So last week I was having a really bad day. Not feeling so well and just overwhelmed altogether. You know....."one of those days". So what a better way to fix that......a date with my favorite person! :)

We headed to downtown Kansas City. In the mood for a steak we ended up at Ted's Montana Grill.
We got a cup of coffee and split it. It was really good actually. We find few coffees that we really find tasty. This one past the test!

Our booth was really cozy and secluded. It had a mirror and dinner lamps. I loved the atmosphere. As it was after the dinner rush, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.
Our steak came with some juicy looking asparagus and fries. We decided to split the plate. This particular piece of meat was not the usual beef. Our waiter told us this was bison. She said that it would have more of a gamey taste to it. I thought it was delicious!!
After our dinner and another couple cups of coffee we left. I snapped a shot of one of the downtown streets. It looked really nice with at night.
Oh, Paul got in this one. :)
The AMC building was right down the street so we ran over there to get a peek. The lobby was gorgeous and I had to grab a few pictures. The lighting was awesome!

We got back in the car and decided to head to Union Station. I have been there many times before but each time is awesome!

They always have some new interesting exhibit. This time it was a model steam engine.

In one of the long hallways we had to set up the camera and got a shot. :) Of course!

Paul wanted me to make sure and include a picture of our new car. Its a 2000 VW Jetta. We love it!! Makes traveling alot nicer.
We ended the night with a McFlurry from McDonalds. Yum!! :)
Another wonderful night with my husband. :)

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