Tuesday, June 8, 2010

College Life

Paul has work at the University of Central Missouri this week. As the faithful wife, I packed everything. Blankets, sheets, pillows, towels, clothes.....anything you would need for the average dorm room. Yes, dorm room. I never attended college so I didn't have the "honor" of living in one of these. Apparently I didn't miss much. Its basically a very no nonsense room with only the bare essentials....two single beds, two desks with chairs, two closets and one dresser, a bathroom with a toilet, sink, shower, tub and a window. The mattresses leave you with much to be desired and you share the bathroom with the adjoining room. And the food.....hmmm.....let me just say that I feel my mother's disapproving look as I sit down every day to the typical cafeteria food. Ultra processed and with zero nutrition you might as well go out and chew on a cereal box....you might get a a few more vitamins.

Its not ALL bad. Paul and I took advantage of the bowling alley on campus. I had a terrible night and only bowled a score of 19. I know, I know....REALLY BAD. We took a two mile run last evening on the track. Really nice. And I hope to do some laps in the college's pool at some point.

I am currently sitting in the three story, 200,000 square foot library. This place is complete with a glass elevator, over two million materials in the collection, and a Einstein Bros coffee stand on the ground floor. Nice.

Below is a picture. Excuse the quality. It was taken by my phone. If I don't get to update my blog ever day just blame it on the college mattresses and the fact that I needed to sleep in.

Enjoy your week!! :)

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Kathy R said...

Yes, the dorm rooms are very bare-bones, but it's so interesting to see how creative everyone is in individualizing them!
Food? Not too good from what I remember!
Bowling? I remember that bowling alley as a college student. I actually got college credit for taking a bowling class at 8 am! It was helped me get my PE requirement!
Have fun!
Aunt Kathy