Monday, June 14, 2010

Reservations @ 8:00pm

Rachel Rogers recently had her 17th birthday. Luke Rogers had also turned 27 at the end of May. We all decided to go out for dinner to celebrate the the day these fine people were born.

The destination was The Elephant Bar a restaurant serving American, western, and pan-pacific dishes. The food is good and the coffee is excellent. We made the reservations for the outside veranda. Beautiful spot.

The entire Rogers clan (expect my favorite neighbor, Anna) plus their Aunt Jill was present. It made a wonderfully large party of 16.

We had a fabulous time talking, telling stories, laughing, and just having a good time. We were there for a couple hours. Awesome night. :)

Enjoy the following pictures of our evening:

Everyone except Aunt Jill who was taking the picture.

The two people responsible for this mass of humanity:

Birthday boy, Luke, with his lovely wife Dayna:

Beautiful ladies:

Birthday girl Rachel with Caleb:

Little Lydia:

Dayna and I....the only sister-in-laws so far.

Rachel and Joseph:

Beautiful Dayna!

Mark showing off his talents.

Rachel and Luke got a free dessert and we sang happy birthday. :)

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