Friday, June 4, 2010


You see alot of them here.

Have a great weekend.


Mark Clements said...

Mary & Paul,

We had a great time with ya'll! We are looking forward to many more days spent together. My boys are still talking about it! They are saying "Mary brought us "Cool" food, drinks with a straw, and pretzel stick things, you know they look like a stick, and animal crackers, and, and, she's cool!" "We like her!"

(Me) "What about Paul?" (Mark Jr.) He's Cool too! He helped us catch fish! My fish was bigger than yours Daddy! They had cool bears inside the house too, Daddy!"

We loved it Mary & Paul, thanks for having us! The photos look awesome!

Mark aka Daddy

Mark Clements said...

Whoops left it on the wrong post! See below! :)