Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Country Evening

How about going for a walk after dinner?
Maybe down by that one lake.

That is what I heard when Paul called me this afternoon. I had gone into town to pick up some groceries and since I rarely go an hour without talking to my husband I was expecting his call. I was excited about his proposal and agreed to the plan.

After dinner we got in our little Jetta and headed down the road. The AC doesn't work and currently we have some kind of "short" somewhere in the vehicle so our power windows do not work either. Thankfully we can open our sunroof manually with a emergency crank so we do get some air. The alternative was to hold the doors open while driving but this proved too dangerous.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at the lake. Its just a small country body of water with camping/RV plots right on the banks. Peaceful little haven. The sun was setting when we got there. The water was lit up with the colors of the evening.

As we walked along the bank I snapped away at the beautiful sky. Paul suggested I get close to the water. I crouched right at the waters edge. People get in some weird positions to get a good picture. But its so worth it!

We wanted to get a picture of both of us so I set the camera on timer with continuous shooting. Here is the result.....haha....

Have a GREAT day!! :)


Mop said...

Beautiful lake shots! You two look like a pair of gypsies!! LOL
Love You!,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures Mary... I feel calm when I look at the lake. Love the dancing pics:)