Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My First Wedding! (well, sort of!)

I was nervous. But really excited at the same time. My brother-in-law had asked me to help shoot a December wedding. I had been the proud owner of my camera for not even two weeks and here was an opportunity to get some real practice in! I was STOKED!

In black attire I was outfitted with my camera, two lenses, and the shoot sac I had received from Jasmine Star. All set. The ceremony started. I was totally self-conscious thinking everyone was staring at me. I just knew they were thinking "she doesn't have a clue!". I timidly took a picture or two. As quietly as I could I tried to get different angles of the wedding party. "Snap..snap.." The more I took, the more confident I became and the more I forgot there was an audience. By the end of the evening I was really having fun and getting creative.

Here are a few shots:

It was a really exciting experience. Rachel and Scott had a wonderful wedding and I am so thankful to have had the chance to help document some of their memories.

Thanks for stopping by...have a good evening.



Camilla Ruth-EuDaly Barrett said...

Great "first" shoot, Mary! I want to see MORE! You're gonna have so much fun at this!
...I still get nervous sometimes!

I've been interested in the shoot sac... Did you feel it was conducive to shooting the wedding, and that it didn't get in your way? I've been curious if I want to get one... :-)

I'm not sure how far back you've read on J*'s blog, but there is a fantastic post about being a second shooter: Search "Top Ten Tips for Second Shooting"... This is especially helpful to pass along to YOUR second shooter when they're wanting to know how to best work with you.

Anyway, I just wanted to comment and encourage you in your endeavor! I can't wait to see more! Have a great night!

Autumn said...

Mary, they look so awesome! I can't wait to see all of them!! :)

Mop said...

Love the program in the tree...that's unique!