Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ramon Noodles in a.....tree??

"Come on Mary! We are going on a hike!"

It was a cold misty January day. It had warmed up earlier this week so there were patches of dead grass poking through the snow.

I got my warmest clothes on and headed downstairs. Paul was waiting by the door with a backpack and my camera. We started out across the fields.

Here are a couple shots of us at the beginning of the trek...

Paul found some snow to play with.

Continuing on with our hike, we jumped streams, climbed fences, and reached the summit of many hills....

Looking back we could see our little house. This picture is proof that when we say "middle of nowhere" we mean it!

We had just crested the top of another hill when Paul says, "This is perfect!", and runs down to this awesome tree.

We proceeded to climb it and sat in the lowest branches. The tree had a natural well in the middle and its here where Paul made the fire. He pulled a pot, water, and some broth out of his backpack and started it boiling. Soup a tree? Nice!

When it was done we ate it out of the pot with forks. It had a really awesome smoky flavor to it.

It was just what we needed to warm us up.

Before we climbed down we poured a bunch of water over the fire.

Lets finish up with one last shot of our tree! :) Good times.



Anonymous said...

A fire in the tree! WHAT! That's wild!

Anonymous said...

the tenth photo from the bottom- the tree is suuuweeet! It's fun looking at your photos, Mar, and you've some sweet shots!
-Abby M.