Saturday, January 16, 2010

Snapshot Memory: Eleven Brothers

Growing up with eleven brothers brought its own excitement and challenges. Over all it was amazing. I loved it.

Here are some facts about how life is in a male dominated house-hold:

-There is never enough food.

-Things are constantly being

destroyed...walls, windows,

-Wrestling is a way of life.

-There are plenty of clothes

to go around.

-Mirrors are never fought for.

-"Buzz-cut" was the popular

Here is the effect of eleven
brothers on me:

-I acquired a
mean "right


-I never wore make-up.
even know
what it was.

-I was a daddy's girl.

-Dressed like a boy.

-Was heartbroken
when I
got my first bra.

-Loved the "Girls Night Out"
with my mom.

My brothers are my best friends. I love each one. From the oldest(29) to the youngest(6). They shaped the woman I am today.Wouldn't trade my family for anything.


Mop said...

This one is amazing! Loved your comments and had tears at the end...

Stacy said...

Heart broken when you got your first bra. Hahah thats too funny!

Anonymous said...

You don't need makeup anyway - you are beautiful without it!!

Tracy Meadows