Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snapshot Memory: Me and my Paul-E

It was a warm summer evening. The date was August 15th, 2009. My wedding day. The day I would marry my best friend. I had known Paul for over three years and spent the last five months engaged to him. He is a wonderful man! I couldn't wait to be married to him!

It was an emotional wedding. My parents along with my eleven brothers walked me to the alter and gave me away as Paul's own eleven siblings looked on. My dad spoke a few words about how he would miss his one little "rosebud". I couldn't help but cry. We managed to survive all the tears and twenty minutes later, we were announced as Mr and Mrs Paul Rogers!

We had wonderful photograpers, Peter Bang and Paul Kim. They took so many priceless shots! I love them all but here is a couple of my absolute favorites!


Photographer's Reel said...

Mary! I Love it!

Can't wait to look back in a few years to see where this takes you.

Love you lots,

Camilla Ruth-EuDaly Barrett said...

Wonderful, Mary! God bless your journey to capturing His creation with your lens! I'll follow your blog for sure. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sick Mary! Keep up the good work!