Friday, January 29, 2010

Surfing in December

Last December Paul and I were out in sunny California. First time for me. It wasn't as sunny as I thought. :) Cold and rainy. We did enjoy a visit with Paul's grandparents in the lovely town of Oceanside. A "hoot and a holler" from the shoreline, we would walk down to it every day

One regrettable thing that happened is the loss of Paul's wedding ring. He had to jump in the water and of course it was FREEZING. So cold water + finger shrinking = no ring. :( A very sad day indeed.

One of those days Paul rented a wet suit and decided to try his hand at surfing. I stayed safely on shore and snapped some pictures.

Here is my handsome husband:

Ending this post with silhouettes. :)


Photographer's Reel said...

That was alot of fun! Can't wait to do it again.

Your Hott!!! Surfer Dude,


Mop said...

Nice photos Mary! Especially with the aircraft carrier....nd the silhouette. It was sad to see the ring again!