Saturday, April 3, 2010

Anthony Michael Segreti

I remember the day you were born very well.

You were two days late. Due on April Fools Day. The joke was on us! On April 3rd, 2004 you made your grand entrance.

Mama labored all morning and into the afternoon. Between 2-3 the pains got closer and closer. I have never seen your mother have such a hard time. The midwives came at 3:00.

You were born at 4:26pm. The twelve and last child making the count 11-1. I didn't mind. Weighing 8.12 lbs and 21 inches long you were perfect.

Your name was Samuel Michael for the two days. By the end of the second day we renamed you Anthony Michael. Papa said that there must be an Italian in the Bible named Anthony.

I held you every day. I was 16 at the time and loved being a second mom to you. I adored your sweet baby smell.

You and I always had a special connection. We bonded from the beginning. A day didn't go by that you didn't want to cuddle with me in the "love room" as you called my bedroom. Thumb in mouth with your sweater clinched tightly in your hand you would sit there forever. When I had my first boyfriend you came and sat into between us. If he put his arm around me you would simply turn, remove the arm and lean back against me satisfied. I was your girl.

The 6 years since then have been filled with so much. I watched you grow up...... learn to walk, to talk, to stand up to your older brothers, ride a bike...... sometimes I miss the small boy.

Here are some pictures of you in the past years in no particular order.

Happy Birthday Anto. I miss you very much and am sorry I can't spend this day with you. I'll be thinking about you. I love you, oh so much.

Your sister..... Mary


Mama said...

Very sweet, Mary :*(
Biggest baby at birth!

Mama said...

Anto says Thank You, Mary! :)