Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Latest Addition

We have been the proud owners for the last couple weeks of a kitten. Her name is Bandit. Our mouse problem had become just too much....time to take action.

We headed over to our neighbors, the Bears, and asked if they had any available kittens. Mrs Bears is one of those large jolly country women that you know is super nice and is always cooking something delicious. Well, she certainly was both! Our mouth watered as we inhaled dinner. She called her son and asked him to show us the kittens.

Bandit was friendly from the first. She came up to us and let Paul hold her. We liked her from the start.

I am proud to say that Bandit killed her first mouse last week. It was only a little baby one but I still chalk that up to a kill. Hopefully the first of many. :)

Took the following pictures over the weekend. Not really very creative but they get the point across....we have a kitten. Enjoy!!


Mop said...

She has beautiful GOLDEN EYES!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Kittens are the best!