Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Joseph Segreti (My Grandpa)

April 28th, 2009:

We got a call from Florida at about 8:30pm that Tuesday evening. Grandpa had a heart attack. Grandma called Uncle Mike who lives five minutes away and he was there soon after. He rushed in and held Grandpa as he took his last breath.

Grandpa was born on February 1st, 1931. He just celebrated his seventy-eighth birthday. He had been married to Grandma for 50+ years. They had lived in Florida for most of the time I have been alive but they did live near us in NY for a few years.

Grandpa was a down-to-earth sensible man. He could always make us laugh with his quick humor. He was the gentlest sweetest Grandpa you could ask for. He loved my Grandma so much. I believe he would have walked across the country for her.

I visited them in Florida a year before his death. I remember that time being so sweet. We went out for dinner at this Italian restaurant, ate ice cream back at the house, and just had fun together. Wonderful memories.

When we received the news that April evening it hit me really hard. I was engaged to Paul at that time and it made me look at Grandpa’s passing in a whole different light. I now had someone of my own that I loved more then life….someone I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Till death do us part. Just as we were entering into the best relationship of our lives… husband and wife…..Grandpa was leaving it. It was the brand new start of one marriage and the bitter end of another one. My heart ached for Grandma. The love of her life was gone and she was alone. Just like that. Yesterday he was alive and today gone.

The one thing that kept us joyful in this hard time was the blessed hope that we will see Grandpa again. He knew the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior and we rejoiced in the fact that he is in the glorious presence of the Lord.

I love you Grandpa. I miss you so much. Happy 1st year in Heaven.

Below is a video that Paul put together for Grandpa's memorial service. It made us all cry. A great memorial for a wonderful man.

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Mop said...

Very good Mary! I will make sure Pop sees this. Thank you for the memorial. I also got a card for Grandma. Curious...a day both sad AND happy!
Love You!