Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Artist at Work

Sarah has a business. She creates banners for different occasions. Recently she made a website dedicated to her work (

Sarah wanted some pictures for her site. So today we headed out with some paintbrushes, a chair, and her box of banners. We found a place near the KC memorial on a hill with a nice background. Our idea was to have Sarah working on banner with all the rest of them blowing around her. The wind worked out perfectly.

Tell me what you think!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love all your pictures Mary! Keep up the good work, it is really paying off. Sarah H.

Mop said...

Yaayy Sarah!! And good job Mary!! I like the B&W...the pose and nonchalance, pencil(?)in the mouth is great! All of them were good, and the blowing banners were awesome!

Kathy R said...

Who thought of the blowing banners idea? It turned out great! Wonderful photography Mary, and you had a beautiful subject!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!! Keep up the good work! Hannah